Monday, October 3, 2016

Flash Fiction Challenge

This morning on Twitter I saw a Writober prompt from Deliah S. Dawson, a most excellent author, for flash fiction.  I decided to give it a try but went a little longer than the 5 tweet limit she suggested.  Below is the resulting short story:

Morris walked to the edge of the house and looked into the backyard.  Leaves had begun to turn yellows, oranges, reds.  A few were just beginning to litter the ground.  Soon they would need to be raked and bagged.

Movement caught Morris' eye.  The squirrel that had been digging in Marjorie's flower pots ran across the lawn with a large bulb in its mouth.

"You little bastard!" exclaimed Morris and started off after it.  The squirrel ran straight up the tree and sat flicking its tail on a branch high out of reach.  "The second you come out of that tree, you little rat bastard, I will end you!"

Marjorie came into the backyard and noticed the overturned pots. "Oh damn!  Was it that squirrel again, Morris?" She asked going over to him.  She looked up into the tree.  The squirrel looked down at her and chattered again before jumping from its current limb to an ajoining tree.

Morris began to follow it howling angrily, "I'll get you!  I'll rip your fucking head off!"

Marjorie picked him up, petting him soothingly, "My brave protector!  Let's get you back in the house.  You know you're not supposed to be out here.  You're declawed."  She kissed his head and petted him as she chided him.

Morris settled down.  For now he would accept her hospitality and lounge on the comfy couch and eat the delicious treats.  He could keep an eye on the squirrel from the windows.

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