Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Flash Fiction Challenge - Monsters

This morning on Twitter I saw another Writober prompt from Deliah S. Dawson, a most excellent author, for flash fiction - monster in a cemetary.  I went a little longer than the 5 tweet limit she suggested.  Below is the resulting short story:

He could hear them only two gravestones down.  They were crying uncontrollably at the new mound of dirt still covered in wreaths and sprays of flowers that had yet to begin to wilt.

He crept closer to the two women.  They didn't hear his approach. They were young, their bodies lean.  Their long blonde hair fell over their faces as their bodies rocked with sobs. So much like the one in the grave. Were they family or friends? He hadn't seen them there before.

He reached his hand towards the closest woman, his knife in his other hand.  His mind reeled at the thought of her. A fantasy played in his mind. At his touch, she spun around, faster than he could catch hold.  Her face was exposed between sheets of white hair.  Her mouth was so wide with a wild scream, almost overshadowing the sight of her cold black eyes.

Before he could utter a sound they were upon him.  His knife a useless defense against them as they tore him to shreds.  Their hair was stained red from the arterial pumping. They ate his heart, letting the blood drip down from their mouths onto their ragged black dresses.

Carefully shifting the wreaths and flowers, they dug down with their hands into the soft earth, dropping the pieces of him into the hole.  The spilt blood was shifted with the dirt then covered by wreaths and flowers.

Their meal partaken, vengeance having been met, they departed, slipping silently among the tombstones. 

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