Monday, February 25, 2013

New Release!

I have released my new collection of poems on Amazon.  BLOOM TO FADE speaks of love from its inception to the bitter end to survival. These poems span a lifetime.  Some are personal.  Some are written from the point of view of people I've known or characters in stories I've written.  Here's the first poem in BLOOM TO FADE:

Duas medietates occursum
Factus totum
Et consumet unum alius
numen avertat

 Two halves meet
Become a whole
And destroy one another
God forbid

That first moment when your eyes meet and you feel all the feels and you want to melt.  It's all in there.  So order it from Amazon and give it a read!


How I crave to be held
By a lover’s gaze
Held by his eyes
Unable to escape
As his lips approach
And his arms embrace

The world is heavy
And I crave relief
A drought of
Passionate haze
To rise above
The drowning waves

Heated and misty
My eyes steam like his
Burning with visions
Of things forbidden
Still we stay locked
A swagger in time
Forgotten for a moment
The world left behind

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


The phoenix begins
to write her lists
kindling for her 
funeral nest
She has no fear
of change to come
endings and beginnings
are always one
moving closer 
to days of fire
to be reborn from
the funeral pyre
What is this new thing
that she will be
from the ashes
she'll fly free