Monday, March 18, 2013


A dark and rainy day in East Tennessee.

Rain drops drip
and hit
against metal awnings
as trees sway
against the building
a sleepy feeling
with each drop
that drips
and slips
into puddles and pools
calming and soothing
and cooling
a worried mind
letting go of
the hurries and flurries
of to-do lists
and wish
for a warm bed
to snuggle
a muddled mind
to cuddle
sounds of each drop
that hits
with no worries 
to miss

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Searching, Dreaming, Finding

This 4900 square foot Victorian beauty is truly a sight to behold and I enjoyed running through it!

Odors from strange houses cling to my clothes, filling my nostrils with memories both pleasant and repulsive. I sneeze.  My eyes begin to water.  My head begins to ache.  My mind begins to wander, back through each house I've seen.  I am left wishing that, in a Frankenstienian way I could combine different elements from each of the houses.  The wood floors from here.  The carpet from there.  The appliances from four houses back.  The woodwork from the favorite house.  The mast suite in the dream house.  A combination of all the office spaces.  The price of the first house.

My head swims with indecision.  Arguments fire back and forth inside my mind and amongst my company.  A decision must be made.  And I know that with whatever decision is made there will be regrets for the ones passed over.  When the decision is made, I will wash my clothes free of all these strange fragrances as I will try to cleanse my mind of all the other choices left behind and focus on all the ones to come.

This was stenciled in the master bedroom of the above Victorian home which was in foreclosure.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Searching for Home

Rain on my face
as I turn to the sky
eyes smile as
I shout
My kingdom has come
and I would dwell here
the rest of my days